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1. Offer limited to one reimbursement per household (same name, same address), reserved for private customers residing in England, Scotland or Wales, holding a UK bank account and having purchased an Automower® among the following models:
• 310 - 967672903
• 315 - 967673003
• 315X – 967852703
• 405X - 970456203
• 415X - 970471703
• 420 - 967673103
• 430X – 967852803
• 435X AWD - 967853303
• 450X – 967853003

Offer does not apply to professional Husqvarna Automower® models: 520, 535 AWD, 550 or 550 EPOS. Automower® purchase must be made between 14th June and 14th July 2021. Husqvarna UK Ltd reserves the right to ask for proof of purchase. Free Automower® cleaning kit gift claims must be made by 31st August 2021.

2. Automower® robotic lawn mower must be purchased in-store at a participating authorised Husqvarna Automower® dealership. Automower® purchases placed on or via a reseller’s online store will not be eligible. Offer can be claimed at the participating authorised dealership, at the time of purchase only. The authorised Husqvarna Automower® dealership will collect the following contact information in order to validate the free gift request:
• Dealer Name
• Automower® Model
• Product Serial Number
• Purchase Date
• Customer Name
• Customer Email Address
• Customer Address

Husqvarna will then process the free gift order of the Automower® Cleaning and Maintenance Kit (RRP £32.99 - The free gift will be delivered to the address provided at the point of purchase.

3. The free gift of an Automower® Cleaning and Maintenance Kit is as stated, and is not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.

4. Employees of Husqvarna, resellers or service providers who participated in the creation and/or implementation of this transaction are not eligible for the offer.

5. By participating in the free gift offer, the beneficiaries fully accept these Terms & Conditions. Participation is done exclusively via the eligible Husqvarna Automower® dealership (see all participating dealers) and Husqvarna. Any other method of participation is excluded.

6. The personal data collected is intended for our company and our partners and subcontractors for the exclusive needs of the execution of the offer. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, portability, transmissions in the event of death, limitation of processing by writing to the email address [email protected]. Any request for opposition implies cancellation of the services offered within the framework of this operation. The data will be kept for the time necessary for processing the transaction with the exception of data whose minimum retention period results from a legal or regulatory obligation or the expiration of a limitation period. If in the event of a complaint contact

For full details on privacy policy visit

7. Entries whose contact information/information/documents will be incomplete, illegible, false in whole or in part, incomprehensible, addressed after the deadline for participation or contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions will not be taken into account. Husqvarna reserves the right to verify information/elements provided by the participants. Husqvarna cannot be responsible for the information provided by participants who are deemed to be reliable and compliant.

8. Any attempt at fraud on the part of a customer would lead Husqvarna to exclude the participation of the ill-intentioned consumer, who could then in no way claim the benefit of this offer. Husqvarna reserves the right, if circumstances require, to shorten, extend, modify, discontinue, defer or cancel the free gift without liability.

9. Husqvarna cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure as defined by law and the courts or in the event of a fact of which Husqvarna is not responsible, in particular without this list being exhaustive for any fault, error or negligence of the participants or of any person acting on their behalf, of any malfunction related to the bank transfer, of any act of a third party.

10. Husqvarna reminds participants of the features and limitations of the internet network and disclaims any responsibility related to the consequences of connecting participants to this network via the operation's website. In particular, Husqvarna cannot be held responsible for any damage, material or immaterial caused to the participants, their computer equipment and the data stored there, and the consequences that may result on their personal, professional or commercial activity. Husqvarna cannot be held responsible in the event that one or more participants could not be able to log on to the site of the operation or complete its participation due to any technical defects/problems related to network congestion/any problem related to the hardware/software/connections of the participants/any fraud or bug.

11. All contact information and other personal data provided will be saved and stored by Husqvarna for such time as is reasonably necessary to administer the promotion. This information will not be used for any other purposes or used/sold to a third party. When Husqvarna no longer reasonably needs to save this information it will be deleted without any notice. We will only process your personal information as set out in Husqvarna’s privacy policy, which can be accessed using the following link -

12. Offer from:
Husqvarna UK Ltd
Preston Road
Aycliffe Industrial Park
Newton Aycliffe
Co. Durham
Registered No: 00974979

13. Husqvarna reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.

14. These General Conditions are subject to UK law and the exclusive jurisdiction of UK courts.


Never mow again

The battery-driven Automower® trims your entire lawn, automatically and quietly.


Rain or shine

Automower® will cut grass in most types of weather and is designed to handle wet conditions. (14)


With a sound level as low as 58 dB(A), Automower® can easily work in the garden without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Featured Products


Automower® 315X

It mows complicated lawns up to 1600m2, handling narrow passages and slopes up to 40%, and taking tough terrain in its stride.

Learn more about Automower® 315X


Automower® 430X

Smart enough to negotiate the challenges of large and complex lawns – like multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain and slopes up to 45%.

Learn more about Automower® 430X


Automower® 435X AWD

An all-wheel-drive model that makes light work of lawns up to 3,500 m² and navigates obstacles, rough terrain and slopes of up to an impressive 70 %.

Learn more about Automower® 435X AWD

Husqvarna lawn calculator

Free Site Visit…

A personalised consultation allows us to identify your needs, and recommend the correct robotic mower for your garden. This will allow us to give you an accurate costing and not have any hidden extras or costs.

Complete Installation...

Our specially trained members of staff will install and setup your robotic mowers safely and efficiently. Your robotic mower will be up and ready as soon as we leave your garden.

Maintenance & Aftercare...

For peace of mind we provide total support, including warranties and repairs. Servicing includes a deep clean, a full diagonsotic check, software updates and a new set of blades.


Site Visit

Free site visit for customers within 30 mile radius of our showroom.

One of our specially trained members of staff will measure the perimeter of your lawn accounting for any trees, flower beds or passages. Using this information we will calculate where the charge station needs to be.  We will also advise where electrics will need to be installed. Using factory guidelines, we will advise you on the right Automower for your requirements. As well as any appropriate accessories. For example, a rough terrain wheel kit for a sloped lawn or armoured cables for a rural garden. You can also order top covers or custom skins to make your mower unique and personal.

Servicing & Repairs

For peace of mind we provide total support, including warranties and repairs. Servicing includes a deep clean, a full diagonsotic check, software updates and a new set of blades.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Automower® is very simple to operate. You continuously get a good result without any effort from you as a consumer. Once you have installed Automower®, it independently ensures that your lawn is well cut, without any involvement from your side – whether you are at home, in the office or on holiday. Your lawn will always remain well maintained, but you do not perform the actual task of mowing.

Yes, very easy. The product is very light compared to conventional mowers, only 7 to 14 kg. The control panel is easy to understand and operate - once in use Automower�� can be left to its own devices.

Not at all. The sound level of Automower® is very low, 69 dB(A) down to 58 dB(A) depending on the model. This can be compared with the noise of average conventional mowers, which generate between 95 and 100 dB(A). You can easily have Automower® working in the garden without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Since Automower® runs on batteries, there are no emissions generated by the mower, and the actual energy consumption is very low. The running costs are only around £8-£42 per season for the electricity consumed, depending on the size of the lawn.

On the contrary, if you have grass allergies or hayfever, Automower® can be a good solution for you. Since you don’t need to be present when Automower® is cutting your lawn, you automatically eliminate most contact with grass waste. Also, the grass is kept so short that allergens do not become airborne.