How It Works

1. Order

Order any item that is included in the white glove service.

2. Assemble

We PDI your machine, so it's ready to go when you receive it.

3. Deliver

A delivery date & time is arranged to suit you best.

4. Demonstrate

We show you how the machine works and answer any questions.

5. Questions?

We are only a phone call away and will help with any queries.

We take every step to make the purchase and ownership of your new machinery as trouble-free as possible. We fully assemble your chosen machine, add the ideal amount of the correct oil and fuel, and then test every function of the machine; all free of charge. Our PDI means we are confident that your machine will work flawlessly when we deliver it to you.

One of our experienced members of staff will deliver your machine for free at a time that suits you. When we hand over the machine, we'll show you all its features & guide you on how to maintain it. We won't leave until you are 100% happy with using your new purchase. You can also be sure that despite our best efforts if things do go wrong, you'll have the guarantee that we're only a phone call away and will be out to sort things out as quickly as possible.

We're only able to deliver this item within 30 miles of our showroom. This is so we can ensure top-quality service to our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What products are apart of White Glove?

All of our lawn mowers are included in this service. This allows us to build the mower up and have it ready to go to show you how it works.

How much does it cost?

It's Free! It will not cost you an extra penny for us to get your mower PDI'd and delivered to you.

Whats PDI?

Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) is building up and testing your machine before receiving it.

When can I get it delivered?

We try our best to do a time that suits you best. Within our working hours of Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm. However, in our busier seasons, it might take longer to arrange delivery.

Do I have to be in to get it delivered?

To show the buyer how to use the machine we will need to deliver it with someone in.

What if I want to return my mower?

Returns are excepted to mowers that are faulty, if you wish to return your mower due to uncertainty you will need to arrange delivery of that mower.

Can I part exchange my old mower?

We can part-exchange most old machines but we can't guarantee it. This can also go towards your new mower.

What if I dont live within the White Glove area?

If you are outside our 30 miles radius we can offer a free click and collect service. We will have the machine ready to go and all you need to do is pick it up. We will still give you the same advice for your mower and can demonstrate how to work it. If the mower is battery powered we will be able to send it out using our courier and we are just a phone call away for any guidance needed.

30-mile radius delivery on this item

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