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Buxtons currently stock over 50 Bosch products covering a vast majority of their range including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, pressure washers and shredders everything to keep your perfect home garden neat and tidy. If you want a hassle free gardening experience then Bosch machines are definitely a wise choice as they are all electric, no fuels, no maintenance, just push a button and your away.

Bosch garden machines all come with a 2 year warranty, so on top of a great value product with tons of features, you have peace of mind too. After those two years spare parts can be purchased for all Bosch garden products so there's no need for you to replace your whole machine, saving you money.

Recently battery powered machines have started to become more available to the consumer and Bosch machines are a big supporter of this. Currently we have battery lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws which can make your life wire and petrol free in an instant. So if you want to make using garden machinery easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, Bosch battery products could be for you. Click here to see our whole battery product range.

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