1. Lawn Mower Buying Guide | How To Buy The Right Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower Buying Guide | How To Buy The Right Lawn Mower
    There are 4 main questions that you will need to answer: What size is your lawn? Do you want Petrol, Electric or Battery powered? Do you want your mower to collect grass? Do you want stripes on your lawn? Small Lawn 0-500 m² Electric mowers are ideal for smaller lawns as they are lightweight and easy to maintain, they are...
  2. Aspen Alkylate Petrol | The Best Fuel for Your Machine

    Aspen Alkylate Petrol | The Best Fuel for Your Machine
    Better for You, your machine, & the environment - Aspen's Alkylate Petrols are 99% cleaner than standard pump petrol. Made in a special process, done only in a few refineries across the world, Aspen fuel is a clean burning fuel similar in combustion properties to petrol, but lacks it's harmful components such as Benzene & aromatic hydrocarbons. Petrol's harmful...
  3. Make the most of your strimmer

    Make the most of your strimmer
    Of all the tools in your arsenal your Brushcutter or Strimmer is among the most useful and frequently used, especially in this weather. With all the rain and then the occasional summer sun, your strimmer has never been more important. Strimmers are easy to use, light and portable, making them the ideal companion to maintain your lawn all year round.  If...
  4. Save the Hedgehogs

    Save the Hedgehogs
    How to stop the humble hedgehog disappearing from British gardens and countryside forever When the humble hedgehog was crowned “Britain’s national species” in a BBC Wildlife Magazine poll and “Britain’s favourite mammal” in a Royal Society of Biology poll, no doubt, sentimentalised memories of Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, played a role in swaying public opinion. Ecologist...
  5. Top 5 Automower® Customisations

    Top 5 Automower® Customisations
    Designed to make your life easier, Automower® makes good friends with you, your garden, & your neighbours. It keeps your lawn in shape using very little energy, requires no petrol or oil, and is next to whisper quiet; even when working hard. With their sleek & modern design, Husqvarna's AutomowerⓇ range, already stand out, but this hasn't stopped owners...

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