Top 5 Automower® Customisations

Designed to make your life easier, Automower® makes good friends with you, your garden, & your neighbours. It keeps your lawn in shape using very little energy, requires no petrol or oil, and is next to whisper quiet; even when working hard.

With their sleek & modern design, Husqvarna's AutomowerⓇ range, already stand out, but this hasn't stopped owners from giving their grass cutting companions a personal touch. From simple DIY vinyl decals to outright customer bodywork, we've compiled a list of our favorite Robot Mower Customisations. Here's our top 5 Robotic Lawnmower Modifications:

5. Husqvarna Cases

A quick and easy customisation anyone can make, is Husqvarna's own Hard Shell Cases. Within a few minutes you can change the color of your mowing mate. The choice of colours is limited, but if you're happy with either Black, White or Orange, this is the ideal first mod for you.

Buxtons can supply these cases, simply give us a ring on 01785 712397, or email [email protected]


4. Custom Stickers

The ingenious folks over at SkovHavehuset, have created a range of Automower® 'Skins', This is wooly number really caught our attention, and we know ewe'd love it. These easy apply stickers are available from or from a local dealer like us. There's 48 different ready-made stickers, from a ladybird print to a glass of beer, you can even upload your own design/photo.

This is a DIY way of really putting your personal touch on your little gardener. Adding a splash of colour to your robot mower, can make it stand out, and create a talking point in your outdoor space.

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3. Matching!

Who knew you could make your Automower® match your car. A company called MADE STICKERS are used to creating graphics for Motorcross bikes but have now branched out into making Husqvarna Automower® Robotic Lawnmower Stickers. We thought this definitely deserved a place on our top 5 customisations.

The matching wing really sets this mower apart from the crowd, and it really shows with over 250 likes on the Instagram post.











2. Buxtons Logo

Green, Branded, Beautiful. We love this custom skin, but we are extremely biased, it's our own design. We customised our own grass cutting companion, our striking green design helps our Automower® stand out. We designed and installed it ourselves. You can see it for yourself at our showroom.

A great idea for businesses like us to advertise on an eye catching piece of machinery.

1. Combine Harvester

This customisation definitely deserves the number one spot. A family in America have taken apart a combine harvester toy and made it a part of their Automower®. Whilst it mows the grass, the header at the front of the combine spins to replicate a real one at work. Such an impressive customisation, that shows the possibilities are endless.