Make the most of your strimmer

Of all the tools in your arsenal, your Brushcutter or Strimmer is among the most useful and frequently used, especially in this weather.

With all the rain and then the occasional summer sun, your strimmer has never been more important.

Strimmers are easy to use, light and portable, making them the ideal companion to maintain your lawn all year round.  If you have a larger plot of land a brush cutter is perfect for controlling denser areas of grass.

Here are 5 top tips to help you get the most out of your strimmer or brush cutter:

1. Basic technique

Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, the rest will come easy. Holding your brush cutter in front of you, simply swing it from right to left to maximise the anti-clockwise rotation of the blades and encourage the cuttings to drop onto the cut area. For very long grass, make the first movement to trim the top left to right, then swing back right to left to take the grass down to the level required. With this basic technique, you can vastly improve the appearance of your lawn. However, weeds can ruin an otherwise stunning lawn. You can learn tips for getting rid of weeds in our Shortcuts to tackling weeds post.

2. Overcoming obstacles

Use the mowing line rather than blades to get close to trees, bushes, fences, or decking without damaging them. If you’re working around several plants growing close together then be sure to clear around them before mowing. Simply place the guard of your brush cutter against the trunk of the tree or bush and use it to guide you around the tree.

3. Mowing lines

To keep your mowing line flexible and make it last longer it should absorb moisture before use.  Place it in water for a minimum of 24 hours before use, and if your spool hasn’t been used for an extended period, remove it from the mowing head and soak in water for two days before using it.  It’s also worth having a spare mowing line to hand at all times, as they do require regular replacement.

4. Large flat areas versus slopes

Adopt the square method to tackle large expanses by dividing the area into squares and then tackling each square by working around the outside and moving gradually into the centre. When working on a slope the strip method is most effective. Start off by cutting a strip along the bottom width of the slope and working your way up to the top. This way the cuttings always fall onto the cut area.

5. Look after your machine

Make sure you follow the safety and care guidelines in your brushcutter or grass trimmer manual and get it serviced regularly. If replacement parts are needed then ensure they are STIHL original parts to ensure you continue to get the best out of your machine.  Make sure metal cutting attachments are regularly and evenly sharpened to reduce the risk of breakage as unevenly sharpened blades can throw the machine out of balance. Our advice should leave you with an efficient machine and an effective way of working so that your garden is in tip-top shape with minimum effort.

Don’t forget to wear the correct PPE when using your grass trimmer or brushcutter and enjoy getting your garden looking pristine this spring!

If you have more questions or want some help choosing the best machine for your needs, pay us a visit or call us on 01785 712397.