Lawn Mower Buying Guide | How To Buy The Right Lawn Mower

There are 4 main questions that you will need to answer:

  • What size is your lawn?
  • Do you want Petrol, Electric or Battery powered?
  • Do you want your mower to collect grass?
  • Do you want stripes on your lawn?

Electric Mowers are ideal for smaller lawns

Small Lawn 0-500 m²

Electric mowers are ideal for smaller lawns as they are lightweight and easy to maintain, they are also some of the cheapest on the market. You will need to consider the length of the cable & where you will plug it in; it will need to reach from your socket to the end of your lawn. View Electric Mowers

Depending on your preference & budget, you might consider a battery or petrol mowers. While these may be more expensive, they tend to come with higher build quality, longer lifespan, & of course much greater freedom.

Li-ion cordless mowers share much of the same low maintenance & lightweight construction as corded mowers, with the added benefit of complete freedom. An added benefit, particularly for small, urban/city lawns, is lower noise levels, keeping your neighbours much happier. View Battery Mowers

Petrol mowers also benefit from greater freedom, & often higher build quality. Remember fuel & maintenance costs on petrol machines are usually greater than electric. View Petrol Mowers

Push lawn mowers are recommended for most smaller lawns as they are cheaper, and usually cutting time is not long enough for self-propulsion to be necessary. View Push Mowers


Powerful EGO Battery Lawn Mowers - As powerful as a petrol mower

Medium Lawn 500-1000 m²

If your budget is tight, there are some corded mowers suitable for medium-sized lawns. However, you must take into consideration the length of the cable, where it’s going to plug in, & if it will reach all areas of your lawn. View Electric Mowers

Battery mowers are perfect for medium gardens offering low noise levels, zero fumes, and freedom. Li-ion batteries are available that easily offer enough range/run time to cut all types of medium-sized lawns. View Battery Mowers

Petrol mowers are preferred by many for their reliability, a wide range of Petrol machines are available for mid-sized lawns. Built to last, a petrol mower is a great investment for many years of cutting. View Petrol Mowers

The benefits of a self-propelled mower shine on any lawn larger than 500 m², whether you choose a single or variable speed model, self-propelled lawnmowers take some of the effort out of taming your lawn. View Single Speed Mowers/View Variable Speed Mowers


Ride-on mowers for large lawns

Large Lawn 1000m²+

For larger gardens, it’s recommended you look at ride-on machines. Offering less physical effort and more efficient cutting with wider width of cuts available, a ride-on could be an ideal choice. View Ride On Mowers

Just like walk-behinds, these are available in both petrol & battery variants.

If you have a smaller budget, a petrol walk-behind or high-capacity battery mower is also suitable for some lawns at the lower side of this size. View Walk-Behind Mowers

It's likely with a larger land to have uneven ground or slopes. In these situations pairing a larger mower with a hover mower allows you to tackle these parts more effectively. Hover mowers are brilliant at following the contours of your lawn, so they do not scalp the grass. They're also easier to move from side to side, making them great for banks, as you do not need to push them up and down. View Hover Mowers


A Grassbox collects clippings and keeps your lawn clean

Grass Clippings

If you want a lawn with no grass visible clippings, you’ll want a mower with a grass box. Depending on your lawn size & the capacity of your grass box, this may slightly slow down the process of cutting your lawn, as you will need to empty the grass box when it's full. However, your lawn will be left with a clean look. View Grass Collection Mowers

If you do not mind the grass clippings, or do not have the time to empty the grass box a side/rear discharge mower would be perfect as they will cut the grass and release it straight back onto the lawn. View Side Discharge/Reach Discharge Mowers

A mulching mower is an ideal compromise between the two. The grass is converted to fine clippings which are then released back onto your lawn, which then decompose and release its nutrients back into your lawn, aiding growth and improving the health of your lawn. It’s estimated this can reduce mowing time up to 30% over grass collection. View Mulch Mowers


Lawn Mower Buying Guide | How To Buy The Right Lawn Mower

Striped Lawn

If you want that picture-perfect lawn with stripes; you need a mower with a rear roller. Capable of laying grass into very neat, striped patterns, rear roller mowers are ideal for formal lawns & grass areas. These are available in both petrol and Li-Ion battery-powered models. View Rear Roller Mowers

Lawn striping aids healthy grass growth. Mowing in one direction too often can sometimes cause taller blades of grass to bend over & block sunlight to the other grass, over time this can cause uneven colour & even dead spots. As long as you don't mow while it's wet, your grass will look and feel healthier with a rear roller mower.


Husqvarna Automower Robotic Mower

Robotic Mowers

You can unlock hours of free time with a robotic lawnmower. Models are available for all lawn sizes & types. These self-driving mowers will mow your grass any time of the day, and work around you and your needs. Combining the benefits of battery and mulching, along with advanced automation. While in the higher price range, but they create beautiful carpet-like lawns in any space, all without any effort from you. View Robotic Mowers


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