Donating To The Woodland Trust

Here at Buxton's, we make charitable donations throughout the year to help others in need. Special events we have done to help charities include: Save the Children Christmas jumper day, an open day supporting B.A.C.A (Bikers against child abuse), bake sale for Abbie’s Army, and many more. However, we want to do more for our environment and the wildlife that lives in it.

Our managing director Neale is passionate about how we can help the environment and wanted to do more for it. We researched charities around the UK and we found The Woodland Trust. We decided this was the perfect charity for us to support this year. So we decided for every 2-Stroke machine we sell on our website and in-store we will donate a percentage of that to The Woodland Trust. At the end of each month, we will make that donation.

For 2020 we raised a total of £1311.00

You can also help them by donating directly to them on their website or get involved with their events. Click here.

You can also see some testimonials on their website showing you where that money has gone and how it helped. Click Here.

On their website they even sell all types of trees. Ranging from an oak to a Crab apple. Click Here.

If you wanted to know a bit more about The Woodland Trust here are a few facts about where the money goes and how it has impacted our wildlife and environment.

Last year they spent almost £50 million on their cause.


Protecting native woods and trees

They tackled more than 200 new cases of woods under threat from inappropriate development, scoring big successes along the way.


Creating woods and places rich in trees

They planted 3.3 million trees – on land they bought, and with landowners, communities and schools across the UK.


Restoring ancient woodland

They put more than 3,300 hectares of damaged ancient woodland on the road to recovery, both on our own land and elsewhere.


Generating next year’s funds

They reached out to thousands of new donors, and every £1 they spent on fundraising brought in £3.91 in return.