Aspen Alkylate Petrol | The Best Fuel for Your Machine

Better for You, your machine, & the environment - Aspen's Alkylate Petrols are 99% cleaner than standard pump petrol.

Made in a special process, done only in a few refineries across the world, Aspen fuel is a clean burning fuel similar in combustion properties to petrol, but lacks it's harmful components such as Benzene & aromatic hydrocarbons.

Petrol's harmful substances cause serious health problems. A chainsaw running on standard petrol emits as much benzene emissions as 57 cars [1]. Benzene is a carcinogenic, when using these sorts of tools it's vital to your health to avoid exposure as much as you can. Aspen is practically free of benzene, so by switching fuel, you can cut benzene emissions by up to 108 times [2]. You're breathing much cleaner air whilst running Aspen. It's not just you that can benefit from the switch to Aspen, your machine's engine will benefits from lower carbon deposits, resulting in a very clean upper cylinder, spark plug, & exhaust. Aspen keeps your engine cleaner and enables a longer service life. It achieves this by being a cleaner fuel, it's more complete burn though the lack of non-essential components, means it leaves very little carbon deposit.



Compared to pump fuels, alkylate petrols like Aspen keep for approximately 10 times longer [3] with a storage life of 3-5 years compared to 3-5 months of regular petrol. Aspen can be stored for years without losing quality; you can safely put your machines away over winter without emptying the tank, then come spring, it will be much easier to start. It's becoming common for engine manufacturers to recommend that their engines only be run on alkylate fuels for these reasons. A downside to Aspen is it's higher cost over regular pump petrol, this is due to the smaller scale production & distribution. The actual alkylation process to produce Aspen is a much more advanced and expensive process which only a few refineries in the world can produce. The process involved in packaging and getting the fuel from the factory in Sweden to us before sale to the customer is also higher than the bulk supply costs of pump fuel which is delivered in much larger quantities in bulk tankers and sold through a pump.

It's important to remember however the long term benefits of Aspen, for you and your machine, which will likely save you money in the long run.

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