Arborflex - The World's First Multi-Layer Chainsaw Trouser

The highly anticipated Arborflex trousers are out now and available to buy. They were first introduced in 2018 at the APF Show.

Arborflex has been designed to give you a multitude of trouser options to suit a variety of applications. Combine your choice of skin with the base to suit the required level of protection and performance.

What is the problem with current trousers on the market?

Some segments of the market work in different working conditions (weather variations, or safety requirements) which require them to have multiple pairs of trousers, leading to unnecessary expenses.

The objective of this product launch is to be a solution to the market that will allow every chainsaw user to have the correct trousers for any job.



Advantages of Arborflex system:

> Allows the user to have a number of different skins to suit different working conditions. (weather variations or safety requirements)

> If needed the skins can be changed within minutes on the job site, without having to take off the base layer.

> Drying time after wash will be greatly reduced.

> The base layer class protection tag on the back of the trousers will allow users, and health & safety officer to identify the level of protection at a glance.

> If the protection is ever cut into, the user will be able to tell instantly, as the coloured material will be pulled out.


3 Levels of Protection

Type A – Front leg protection only. Most suitable for groundwork.

Type B – Front leg and lower back leg protection. More lightweight trouser than a C.

Type C – Front and rear leg protection. Best for climbers.


4 Types of Skin

Pro Range – Reinforced panels and higher quality trousers.

Mid Range – Same quality as the breatheflex that is known and loved.

Casual Range – Larger pockets and lifestyle look.

Storm Range – Fully waterproof trousers.

All the skins can be worn alone for casual wear or for climbing. Arborflex also has a Hi-Vis trouser that conforms to EN ISO 20471 RIS-3279-TOM for rail. All of these trousers are available in a longer leg which is an extra 2”.

Here at Buxton's we stock most of the Arborflex range and can get the larger sizes within 2 working days*. Check out the full range here.


*Must be in stock with Arbortec.