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Arb Kit Review: Lifesaving Celox Haemostatic Granules in Focus

Celox Lifesaving GranualesCelox have sent out a press release this week highlighting its part in saving the life of Tom Connelly who made international headlines last week after surviving cutting his own Jugular vein with his chainsaw whilst climbing.

Tom slipped whilst working up a horse chestnut tree near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire when he slipped and fell onto his chainsaw. He cut his jugular vein and its reported he had to hold his own head on whilst his colleagues lowered him to the ground.

The emergency medical charity Magpas was called and emergency first aid given by his colleagues. The Magpas doctors used Celox gauze to stem the flow of blood and this reportedly saved his life.

Celox Saves Lives

The Celox press release says:

“This story is testament to Tom's colleagues and Magpas, but without doubt it was finally Celox which saved Tom's life.”

Celox is undoubtedly an amazing life saving British product.

Severe bleeding can cause shock and death in less than 10 minutes. Moderate, prolonged bleeding can do the same, but standard first aid kits contain nothing more than sticking plasters or a blood stopper. Plasters really don't have a lot of use in an emergency or chainsaw injury.

Celox is an haemostatic granule which when poured into a bleeding wound, links to the red blood cells promoting rapid coagulation. In controlled tests, it was found to stop most bleeding within 30 seconds and to stop severe arterial bleeding in minutes.

In battlefield trials Celox achieved a 100% survival rate. It works in hypothermic conditions and also clots blood containing heparin or warfarin. Celox also generates no heat and wont burn the patient or first aider. It is safe to use in all parts of the body including head and neck wounds.

Celox is an first call addition to your arborist kit bag or first aid box. Its tried, tested and proven to be without doubt a life saver.