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Arborist Severs Nearly Decapitates Himself with Own Chainsaw

A tree surgeon from Cambridgeshire has survived after cutting through at least a third of his neck with his chainsaw according to media reports from around the globe.

 Tom Connelly, a tree surgeon from Cambridgeshire, was working up a horse chestnut near Wisbech, when he slipped and fell onto his chainsaw and cut his neck. He severed his jugular vein and was only 1mm from his carotid artery.

Tom was lucky to be alive, he said "From touching your jugular vein they reckon you have four minutes before bleeding out."

Mr Connelly's colleagues managed to bring him down from the tree and ambulance staff and medics from Magpas air ambulance arrived within minutes.

Dr James French, a Magpas medic said, "When we got there, there was a young man with a very large wound in the side of his neck with, literally, blood spurting out of it.

"We sedated him and made him comfortable and then packed the wound with this gauze that's used in Afghanistan to treat combat wounds."

The specialist dressing in question is the Celox dressing.

Mr Conelly is expected to regain 90% of  arm function and is back at work on light duties.