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New Lightweight Aluminium Tripod Ladders

The Most Practical Ladders for Landscapers and Tree Surgeons

Features of the new tripod ladderThis new range of Lightweight Aluminium Tripod Ladders will help you reach those hard to reach places. Unlike the old heavy and cumbersome wooden or riveted aluminium style tripod ladders, these new lighter tripod ladders are made from welded extruded aluminium which means they are lightweight and weatherproof.

Tripod Step Ladder, Better by Design

The very nature of the three leg design, with a wide ladder base and adjustable rear leg, naturally gives a firmer base keeping your ladder firm on uneven ground, making these ladders much safer and more practical than a traditional step ladder. The triangular footprint means that one side of the ladder can be placed parallel to the hedge leaving you in a safe position to work.

Great Features on These Tripod Ladders

These great ladders have great features that help you to work safely and get good grip on uneven ground.

  • Made from extruded welded aluminium makes these ladders light and weatherproof
  • Three Legs for stability on uneven ground
  • Adjustable Back Leg for when you are working on very uneven ground
  • Broad Double Rung Steps for safety and comfort
  • Wide Base for greater stability
  • Clawed Feet for grip on soft ground
  • Rubber Protective Cups to protect the feet and provide additional stability on hard surfaces (available as an extra)

Different Sizes and Styles of Tripod Ladder

Whether you are pruning, picking or hedge cutting, these great lightweight aluminium tripod ladders are just what you need. They are available in different sizes and styles so buy your lightweight aluminium tripod ladders on the Buxtons Website today.

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