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Finding the Right Lawnmower

What Type of Lawnmower Is Right For Me?

There are a lot of different lawnmowers available from a wide range of lawnmower brands, but there are also a number of different types of lawnmower. In this article we hope to help you understand the different types of lawnmower and help you find the right one for you.

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Push Cylinder Lawnmower Brill Classic Cylinder Push Lawnmower

This is the simplest of all lawnmowers. It has a cutting cylinder and you push it along. No electric cables, no engine to service and as long as the grass is quite dry you'll get a nice finish. It requires a bit of effort but its great exercise.

A push cylinder mower offers a great budget way to cut your lawn and as long as your lawn isn't too big and you don't mind doing a bit of work they are a great option. A really popular brand is the Brill range of push lawnmowers. They can be bought as a simple cylinder lawnmower or with a grass catcher if you prefer.

Electric Rotary LawnmowerBosch Electric Rotary Lawnmower

If the push cylinder mower seems just a bit too much effort then try an electric rotary lawnmower. You'll still have to push it along but with a motor doing the cutting it will be that much easier. You do have the disadvantage of a cable trailing you around and you must be careful not to cut through it, though.

The most famous brand is the hovering Flymo, but I prefer the Bosch range of electric rotaries and starting from less than £75.00 they really are the business. If the cable is a concern then Bosch offers a range of cordless electric mowers for additional mobility.

Electric Cylinder LawnmowerQualcast Concord Electric Cylinder Mower

The advantage of a cylinder mower is the quality of the cut. They usually come with a rear roller and that is what gives the striped effect, so with electric cylinder mowers starting around £100 then you can afford to get that super striped lawn that you're after.

The main downside is the cable that you need to be careful of and if you have a large lawn then you're going to need an extension cable, which can add to the cost, so this type of mower will be good if you have a smallish lawn and you really want the lovely stripey effect.

Petrol Cylinder LawnmowerAtco Petrol Cylinder Mower for a super keen cut

If you have a larger lawn and you want the sharper, shorter cut and lovely striped finish then you need to think about getting a petrol cylinder lawnmower. The cylinder blade will give a keener cut that gives a thicker, denser lawn. How much better is the cut? Some describe it like the difference between cutting string with a pair of keen scissors over a blunt knife.

One downside is you will sometimes incur higher maintenance costs. You also need a pretty decent lawn to start with and if your lawn is a bit uneven then you can ‘scalp’ the lawn a bit, but if you are after that super sharp cut then the cylinder mower is the mower for you.

Petrol Rotary LawnmowerPetrol Rotary Mower, the popular choice for a great lawn without the fuss

This is a really popular option for a lot of gardeners. It offers quick and easy cutting for larger gardens with no trailing cables. Prices will start from around £140 and the blades are cheaper to replace and keep sharp.

A petrol rotary lawnmower can come with a rear roller, so you can still get the striped effect, or with 4 wheels for gardens that are a bit more uneven.

Mulching LawnmowerThe Stiga Multiclip Mulching Lawnmower

The mulching lawnmower has been pioneered by Stiga. Their range of great mulching lawnmowers allows you to cut your lawn without having to collect the clippings. The clippings are cut up into super fine pieces and pushed down to the ground where they degrade and fertilise the lawn. There is concern that this can add to the thatch build up but the pieces are so fine that this isn’t usually a problem if you cut the lawn often enough.

The real downside to this type of lawnmower is that you really do need to keep on top of the mowing and if the grass gets too long you need to take the top off and collect it and then revert back to your mulching lawnmower.

Robotic LawnmowerAutomatic Robotic Mower

Now this is a taste of luxury for those who want to sit back and let a robotic lawnmower do the work. The Husqvarna Autobot will mow lawns up to 6000 square meters, so you can lie back and relax while your Husqvarna Autobot keeps your crash trimmed.

To keep the Autobot on the lawn there is a cable dug into the perimiter of the lawn where the mower will 'bounce off' the edge, turn and continue its patrol. The Autobot also uses the mulching method described in the previous section, so there are no clippings to collect.

If you want to be the envy of all your friends then this is the mower to buy.

Ride On Lawnmowers and Lawn TractorsCountax Ride On Lawnmower

For larger lawns a pedestrian lawnmower is not going to stand up to the job in hand, but a sit on lawn tractor will still give you a great cut without all the effort.

Selecting a ride on lawnmower really is a topic in itself and one we hope to cover in an upcoming blog article.

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