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Safety and quality - buy tree climbing gear and ropes from Buxtons

When looking for the right tree climbing gear and ropes, we have a selection from brands such as Marlow, Vale Cordage Arborist Division, New England Ropes and Samson.

Designed specifically for arborists as forest climbing equipment, the Marlow Gecko 16 plait rope has a strong construction, with added durability from the parallel laid nylon core and polyester cover. Marlow's Chameleon arborist ropes have been created for general purpose tree surgery. Brightly coloured for easy recognition among branches, you can use the Chameleon ropes when ascending and descending, in normal climates.

Yale has concentrated their rope making experience into constructing tree climbing ropes for the specific requirements of professional arborists. Yale's XTC ropes have a series of benefits to enable you to use the line as a climbing line or a bull rope. This tough rope is built up of 16 individual strands of DuPont's own Dacron polyester to create a tight braid, which has been coated in Para-ep Olefin. With the addition of the firm construction of high twist, torque balance polyester at the core the line maintains excellent safety and longevity.

Buxtons brings you a range of tree climbing equipment from the most respected names in the field of industrial and forestry equipment. See our selection of harnesses, Karabinars, ropes and more at our online store. You'll find more details on our site, or you can contact us by e-mailing enquiries@buxtons.net or calling 01785 712397 for further help and advice.

Work safe. Work smart. Buxton's tree climbing equipment

Bringing the best products in the field from manufacturers such as ISC, Komet, Buckingham and Petzl, Buxton's range of tree climbing equipment is outstanding.

The selection of ropes from manufacturers such as Marlow and Yale have everything you need, including standard ropage, spliced eye types, split tails and strops. Not only providing ropage, but also the necessary accessories, Buxton's have all of the essential attachments you need to work safely and efficiently. ISC's pulleys feature side cheeks built from high strength aluminium alloy, and include sintered bronze bearings, improving on durability and smooth operation.

Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology, or ART for short, has developed a range of solutions for modern tree climbing equipment. Using knowledge developed in the field, ART products have been designed to enable you to work quickly, safely and reduce fatigue. Of ART's tree climbing equipment, the Lock Jack Twin is becoming incredibly popular, acting as an ascender and descender in one.

Buckingham's range of climbing irons, include replaceable 44mm gaffs and nylon straps with an offset stirrup of 121mm standard width. These also come with a standard sleeve length, allowing adjustment from 15 ¾" to 18 ¾". Along with Buckingham's range of accessories, replaceable parts from Weaver are fully interchangeable, and cleverly fit Buckingham climbing iron products. Weaver's collection of L-shaped pads, top straps and bottom straps are perfect alternatives to Buckingham's own collection of replacement tree climbing equipment accessories.

With so many products for so many different areas of work and levels of experience, Buxton's are on hand to give support and advice to find the right tree climbing equipment for you.

Outstanding tree climbing equipment from Buxton's

Buxton's has a fantastic selection of harnesses and tree climbing gear, to suit all preferences in style and type of work. From simple seat and leg harnesses to full harnesses, each requirement is catered for.

Komet's Butterfly harness is one of the most popular items of our tree climbing gear, and one of our best selling harnesses. Available in small or medium/large sizes, and with the addition of the Butterfly seat accessory, the Butterfly can be transformed into the Komet Dragonfly harness. With its broad and deep back support and perfect centre of gravity, the Komet Dragonfly really is an outstanding piece of tree climbing gear.

Tree climbing gear suited to you

The Sequoia is the pinnacle of Petzl's research into the development of their range of harnesses. Making the best use of FAST quick connect loop buckles, gated rings and twin webbing construction, the Petzl Sequoia builds on its longevity with the option of replacement accessories. This is a great example of tree climbing gear that continues to stay with you, proving its investment.

A perennial favourite, the Willians half harness is fully padded and includes adjustable leg loops. To accommodate your taste, the centre rear of the waist belt is left unattached from the padding, giving you the option to add a first aid pouch. The harness also has tool attachments and steel pole strop connections. The Willians full body harness also has fixtures to fit pouches, with expanded neoprene foam and polyester covering to the waist and sit belts for maximum comfort.

Throughout the range of tree climbing gear and harnesses available from Buxton's there is a right item to suit you and your way of working, comfortably and safely.

Climbing Equipment

Buckingham Big Shot Catapult
In Stock-+

Buckingham Big Shot Catapult

Big shot accurately launches a soft shot bag with line attatched over a target so that a larger line can then be pulled into place.

It has a greater range and accuracy than throwing and can be easily mastered. Comes with 2 x 4ft poles fo mounting the catapult head.

Buckingham Big Shot Head
In Stock-+

Buckingham Big Shot Head

Big shot accurately launches a soft shotbag, with line attached,over a target,so that a larger line can be pulled into place.

It has greater range and accuracy than throwing, and can be easily mastered. Pole for mounting catapult is available seperately.

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